2016 State of the Waters Conference

We held our first annual State of the Waters Conference on May 20, and we were very pleased with the results of the meeting. We had several watershed organizations, regional planning commissions from both Massachusetts and New Hampshire, along with representatives from both state environmental departments. Also in attendance was the Army Corps of Engineers and members from several different departments of the EPA. Many of the groups were able to give presentations on water quality monitoring, current projects that are under way, or issues that they are facing. There was a healthy discussion on many issues, but especially on how we can better work together, especially getting the water quality information to the public in an easy to digest way. Thanks to everyone who came. We are already looking forward to next year!

The full list of the organizations that attended is located below, along with links to their presentations if they gave one:

Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission
Groundwork Lawrence
Lower Merrimack River Local Advisory Committee
12345Presentation:GPorterMerrimack River Data V3
MA Coastal Zone Management
MA Dept. of Conservation and Recreation
MA Dept. Environmental Protection
12345Presentation:MassDEP State of the Watershed May 20 2016
Merrimack Valley Planning Commission
Montachusett Regional Planning Commission
Nashua River Watershed Association
12345Presentation:Nashua River Watershed Summary
NH Dept. Environmental Services
12345Presentation:20160520 Merrimack WQ Mtg
Northern Middlesex Council of Governments
Rockingham Regional Planning Commission
Shawsheen River Watershed Association
Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission
US Army Corps of Engineers
12345Presentation:Merri May 20 2016(fixed dates)-1
US Environmental Protection Agency
12345Presentation:MVD -Lawrence Merrimack WQ-CSO datarev1

Also included is the MRWC presentation: State of the Waterscs

Here is a pdf of all of the presentations together: StateoftheWatersAllPresentations

SotW pic
Several members from various environmental organizations at the State of the Waters Conference.