Adopt a Merrimack Mile

Show your corporate or organization’s support by Adopting a Merrimack Mile! When your organization joins as a member of the Adopt-a-Merrimack Mile corporate membership program, you make a difference in our community by:

  • Advocating for clean drinking water and a safer river
  • Helping to protect threatened and endangered wildlife
  • Supporting local education programs for children, families, and adults
  • Promoting recreational opportunities that bring visitors to our area
  • Preserving the Merrimack for your children’s children

 We offer several adoption levels and corresponding benefit packages.  Click here to learn more about the benefits for participating businesses.

Adoption levels are:

5 miles (River Steward) for $5000

1 mile for $1000

1/2 mile for $500

1/4 mile for $250

 Your support will make a difference. You’ll join a dedicated team of local businesses committed to preserving the Merrimack Valley’s natural resources for generations to come.  Join online today, or print and mail your donation form to MRWC Merrimack Mile Program, 60 Island St. #211E, Lawrence, MA 01840.

Adopt A Merrimack Mile


Thank you to our Merrimack Mile Sponsors!


Edward J. Stewart: 5 Miles – Merrimack Mile River Steward: $5000

Double C Racing (1 mile): $1000

Merrimack River Rowing Association (1/2  mile): $500

Worthen Industries (1/2 mile): $500


Other 2014 Corporate/Organizational Sponsors

Construction Engineering Services: $100

Austin Costagno, Tynsborough High School senior, $100

Albert Notini and Soncs: $100

Committee to Elect Sue Tucker: $55

AC Consulting: $50

Bristol-Myers Squibb Matching Funds: $50

Crescent Yacht Club: $50

Logan Accounting and Bookkeeping: $35

Ascot Riding Center: $35



TEC, Inc (1/10 mile)


Agresource, Inc (1/2 mile)

Horsley Witten Group, Inc. (1/2 mile)

Nobis Engineering Inc. ( ¼ mile)

Double C Racing (1/10 mile)

TEC, Inc.  (1/10 mile)


 Adopt 5 Miles – Merrimack Mile River Steward
Edward J. Stewart

1 mile, 2011

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Normandeau Associates

 ½ mile, 2011

Agresource, Inc., Enterprise Bank and Trust Company, Lowell Sun Charities

¼ mile, 2011

Nobis Engineering, Paul C. Rogers & Sons, Worthen Industries, Inc.

1/10 mile, 2011

Andover Garden Club, Merrimack River Rowing Association, Merrimack Valley Paddlers, Pentucket Bank