Event: Lowell Folk Festival Raffle Winners

At Destination Lowell and the Lowell Folk Festival on July 29th and 30th, MRWC hosted a raffle and asked entrants to complete the sentence “I care about the Merrimack River because…” 

The Prizes

First Prize: Two MRWC T-Shirts

Second Prize: One MRWC T-Shirt

Third Prize: A $10 Gift Card

The Winners

First Prize: Victoria Morin of Lowell

She cares about the Merrimack because…It helps us and the animals. It makes the city a better place.”

Second Prize: Rob Taylor of Lowell

He cares about the Merrimack because…“I drink the water.”

Third Prize: Rachel Kollar of Lowell

She cares about the Merrimack because…“Protecting our natural resources is the only way to ensure that they are here for future generations to enjoy! :)”