Event: Please help us lobby for an important bill


On Wednesday, Nov. 29, Massachusetts state lawmakers will hold a hearing on a bill that will require sewage plants to immediately inform the public whenever they dump raw sewage into Bay State rivers, including the Merrimack. The plants will also be required to install meters that will accurately gauge how much sewage they release.

Under current law, sewage plants are not required to do so — and each year they dump millions of gallons into the Merrimack with no public notification. People who boat, swim, wade, and fish in the river have no way to know of the potential health risks they face when they dumpings, called Combined Sewage Overflows, occur.

We’ve been working hard on this bill, asking our state legislators and local officials to support the bill. We also need your support! Please consider attending the hearing on SB448 and HB2935 (both bills accomplish the same goal). Let your state government know that this is an important issue.  The hearing will begin at 11 a.m. in Room A1.