Hiking Trails

Here are some trails along the Merrimack we recommend checking out sometime!

Merrimack Trails in Andover, MA

Deer Jump Reservation

Size: 130 acres

Location   Between  River Rd. and  the Merrimack River west o f Rt. 93.

Parking: Along Launching Rd., Brundrett Rd.,  Inwood Rd., Fossen Way

Permitted: Hiking, ski touring, picnicking

Trail Description

Starting from the Andover / Tewksbury line, a narrow trail winds along the Merrimack through mixed hardwoods and hemlocks with lovely river views. The trail occasionally widens to an old woods road,  and continues along the river or higher up the riverbank,. The trail becomes narrower and rougher as it passes behind the St. Francis Seminary.

The trail goes through a grove of birches and mountain laurel and passes under high tension wires continue into Deer Jump Reservation (AVIS), where the trail widens. Go straight past a white-blazed trail on the right leading to River Road.. Cross the bridge below the pumping stations, bearing right.

Follow the blue-blazed trail across an old woods road. Just before the second bridge, this trail rejoins the trail closer to the river. Bear right after crossing the bridge. Pass another trail at the right leading to River Road. The trail continues along a stone wall, rejoins the lower trail to the left, and crosses a 3rd bridge. Cross the 4t , 5th and 6th bridges, passing 2 trail at the right leading to Inwood Rd. and Fossen Way. Bear right after the 6th bridge. At the first junction the Bay Circuit Trail leaves from the right and heads south to the Lunching Rd. entrance of Deer Jump Reservation.


Deer Jump Reservation is owned by the Andover Village Improvement Society, a non-profit organization.

East Andover Trail

Length of Trail: approximately 2.9 miles

Location: along the river between Brundrett Avenue and the Lawrence city line

Parking: Brundrett Ave., Andover Marriott, or on River Road just west of the VoTech School

Permitted: hiking, ski touring, picnicking

Trail Description

At the confluence of Fish Brook and the Merrimack, the trail goes downhill left and crosses a bridge, turns left and emerges onto a paved road, goes left and heads for the pumping station. It keeps to the right of the station and goes through a stand of eastern white pine and then enters a stand of large white ash trees. About 10 minutes from the station the trail crosses a small bridge and meet with the Hewlett Packard fence line. An access trail from Brundrett Avenue enters on the right.

The trail moves away from the river, but benches in a clearing near the water’s edge makes a good resting spot. About 30 minutes from the station, the trail emerges onto a large field. The trail re-enters the woods and soon passes under the I93 bridge.

Shortly after the bridge, the access trail from the Andover Marriott Hotel enters on the right. One of the bridges is out you can go through the Marriott parking lot to get back on the trail.

Once back on the trail, the trail slowly winds away from the river again, passing the Andover Companies office building and the Phillips Academy boathouse. A trail to the right leads to the VoTech School. Immediately following, the old Phillips Boathouse, the trail crosses a bridge and takes an immediate right. It soon ends in a field behind Riverview Common, an apartment’s complex. The trail ends.