RiverArts and RiverProtectors

The Merrimack River Watershed Council has a new initiative: the My Merrimack Youth Initiative.

The RiverArts teams design art and photographs to showcase the birds, fish and other wildlife of the river. This will enhance teens’ artistic and photography skills while educating them about the river. Craig Gibson, an experienced bird photographer helps teach the children about taking better photos. The Merrimack River Watershed Council works with teens to identify a wildlife symbol that can be used to instill pride in this magnificent resource right at our back door. The art and photos will be displayed as part of Kids’ Corner on our website, in our newsletter, and at our annual meeting.

The RiverProtector teams help the Merrimack River Watershed Council with water quality monitoring and river cleanups. In the process, teens’ skills in science and environmental protection increase.

If you are interested in creating a RiverArts or RiverProtectors team at your school, please contact us by phone or email at 978-655-4742 or

In the summer of 2013, MRWC offered 5 classes of art training to Arlington and Wetherville students participating in the 21st Century summer program. Classes took place at the Greater Lawrence Boating House. Participating artists are listed below. We thank them for their help and talent!

Dennis Hart: Nature sketchbook

Mary Ann McArdle: Watercolors

Sheila Williams: Book-making

Craig Gibson: Bird photography

Thea Shapiro: Art with recycled materials

These programs are made possible with funding from the Stevens and Parker Foundations.