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We’ve launched our Clean Water, Healthy Watershed campaign

Is your business looking to partner with a local environmental charity that has a proven track record of bringing positive change to the Merrimack Valley? We hope you will consider supporting the Merrimack River Watershed Council’s annual corporate giving campaign.

The MRWC has been here for 42 years, working to make the Merrimack a clean and healthy river that boaters, fishermen, swimmers, riverfront property owners, businesses and residents can enjoy.

The Merrimack is a much cleaner river than it was 42 years ago, but we still have a long way to go. Today it is considered one of the Top 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the nation by American Rivers, a nationally-recognized advocacy group, due to issues like sewage overflows, stormwater run-off, lingering industrial pollution and the effects of climate change.

The good news is there are things we can do to make the Merrimack healthier.

At the MRWC we are working hard on solutions, and getting results. We have become the “go-to” organization for citizens, businesses, and community leaders who need expertise and hands-on help with Merrimack River issues.

There is no other organization in the Merrimack Valley that does all that we do:

  • We help state lawmakers and Merrimack Valley community leaders tackle problems related to pollution, sewage overflows, climate change and resiliency.
  • We conduct scientific analysis of the river to track pollution, and work to find solutions.
  • We provide educational programs for local students to teach them about the history and ecology of the Merrimack River.
  • We host public lectures and outdoor events to highlight the Merrimack — its history, its ecology, and environmental issues it faces.
  • We work with sister organizations and government agencies to improve public access to the river, such as boat ramps and riverfront conservation land.
  • We organize volunteers for riverbank clean-ups, and we plant buffer zones to help protect the Merrimack from polluted run-off.
  • We aid citizens and community groups that reach out to us for help with a wide range of concerns involving the health of the Merrimack River.

Corporate support is crucial to us. It helps us achieve our goals of making the Merrimack cleaner and more accessible for future generations. A cleaner Merrimack benefits our health, our economy, and our environment.

We also want to make it fun for you and your employees. If you’d like, we’ll help you “adopt” a section of Merrimack River shoreline — a public waterfront park of your choice — where your employees can take part in clean-ups and outdoor programs.

Lastly, we let the public know that your company supports efforts to clean up the Merrimack. We leverage our social media, website, public events,  and our extensive media contacts and email lists to get the word out about the positive change that your company is helping achieve.

Here’s a link to more information about our annual corporate fundraising drive, called Clean Water, Healthy Watersheds.  If you need more information you can call us at 978-655-4742, or email us at


Robert “Rusty” Russell

Executive Director