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Which boat ramps are the Merrimack River’s best?

Which boat ramps are the Merrimack River’s best?

By John Macone

Communications and Engagement Specialist for the MRWC

It doesn’t look like it outside, but it’s the first day of spring. Whew, we finally made it! (Well, except for that Nor’Easter that’s due to hit us later this week…)

In the spirit of the Big Melt that will hopefully be occurring soon, let’s talk about something that has a nice spring feel to it — boating on the Merrimack River, and boat ramps.

Where to launch your boat — whether it be a kayak, canoe or a powerboat — is a subject of great interest right now among members of the Merrimack River Watershed Council.  It’s one of the top subjects among people who browse our website.

In the coming weeks the MRWC will be paying close attention to this subject, and we’re hoping that our readers and members will add to the conversation. We are updating our listing of boat ramp sites on the Merrimack, and we’d like to include your input on how your favorite ramps stack up — are they accessible and easy to use? Well maintained? Overcrowded? Is the waterway nearby easy (or hard) to navigate? Which parts of the river do they give good access to?

If you’d like to add your opinion about your favorite boat ramps, no matter where they are on the river, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll gather your information and we’ll share it (anonymously if you prefer) with your fellow boaters. And if we find that there are boat ramps that are in need of repair or improvement, we’ll work with local and state officials to make those repairs.

As for me, I have a few favorite ramps, and there’s a few I think could be made better with some TLC.  I’ll share my opinions in an upcoming blog.

Please send your boat ramp thoughts to John Macone, at

And think spring!